Forms Policy

Registration Forms Policy

New patients will need to fill out several registration forms, so that we have the necessary information to make your appointment go smoothly. If possible, please download these forms and bring the completed forms with you to your appointment.

If you choose not to download the forms, please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time, so you can fill out the necessary forms.

Arbitration Forms Policy

It is our office policy that all patients sign an arbitration agreement. It will provided to you at check-in. 

Arbitration is a process for resolving legal disputes where an unbiased person or panel renders an opinion as to responsibility for or extent of loss.
Arbitration does not take away or release the right of any person to pursue legal counsel; however, should such action arise, the process is expedited and expenses incurred are reduced for both parties, unlike the event of a full jury trial.

For more details on arbitration, please click here to view our document, What i s Arbitration?

If you choose not to sign the arbitration agreement, unfortunately we will not be able to see you. Your referring physician will be notified, and we will make a recommendation to help you seek orthopaedic care elsewhere. If you were not referred by another physician, we will suggest that you establish a relationship with either a primary care physician and/or walk-in clinic and, in some cases, the emergency room, to help coordinate the appropriate care for you. Another alternative would be to call the Butte County Medical Society for suggestions.

Disability Forms Policy

We try to complete your disability forms within 48 hours of drop-off. However, all disability forms need the doctor's original signature, so there could be a delay of up to 3 business days, if the doctor is in surgery or it is a weekend or holiday.

Please let us know of any urgent special circumstances, so we make every effort to have your signed forms available as quickly as possible.

There is a $10 service fee per form completed.

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