Diagnostic Tests

Types of Tests

Our diagnostic tests include:

On-Site X-Rays

For your convenience, our diagnostic X-rays are done on site at our office, in a comfortable, welcoming environment.

We offer you the latest state-of-the-art technology, to provide the best diagnostic evaluation on which to base your treatment plan.

All X-rays are taken by a certified radiology technologist and read and evalauted by Dr. Wilhite or Dr. Komas.

MRI Services

Through our independently-owned MRI services, we can provide many of the most commonly-performed MRI exams.

There are also other MRI facilities in our area, as listed below.

Local Facilities

The local diagnostic facilities we use include:

Blood Tests

For blood work, we use one of several local laboratories:
Blood tests are also done pre-surgery and in-patient at the hospital.